Sunday, December 23, 2012


"Don't mistake God's patience for His absence. His timing is perfect and His presence is constant. He is always with you!" 

If you know me, you know I am not a patient person. Sorry! I'm continuing to working on that, but you will need to keep praying for me. Do it now, please!  :-)   Over the past few months I have been wondering about God's plan for my life and when he would let me in on it.

At the end of November I met with members of Christian Missionary Fellowship (CMF) in Indianapolis. I had met some of their employees and missionaries at the various meetings I attended during November and I felt God was leading me to that group. After talking to them and learning about possible opportunities,  I met with a missionary serving in Kenya, who is home on furlough. I learned that it would be possible for me to do a vision trip in January. So, with less than a month of planning I will travel to Kenya on January 1st.

I will be going to Turkana in the northwest corner (west of Lake Turkana).  I will spend about 2 weeks learning as much as I can about the people and their culture and how God could use me to work with Him in that area. I hope this will be the place I will end up serving and the group that I will work with. I have started the application process with CMF, but I am not guaranteed acceptance. I have been praying about all this and I hope that you will continue to pray also.

Please pray for:
  • God's blessing on the missionaries and Kenyans I will meet, let me not be a burden to them
  • For me to always show God's love through my interactions with everyone I will meet 
  • For me to have patience as I learn about a new culture and experience new languages 
  • For me to be still and listen to God as he lets me know of His plans for me in this place
  • Safe and on time flights, I have short layovers in Washington and Zurich
  • Timely arrival of my luggage
  • Minimal jet lag and good health during the trip, there is an 8 hour time difference
  • Peace for my family at home while I am gone
  • For my CMF application
Thanks so much. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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