Wednesday, March 6, 2013


What could you do that would be exciting, thought-provoking, a little scary, tiring and fulfilling all at the same time?

I just returned from Launch, my official orientation for long term missions, held at the CMF (Christian Missionary Fellowship) office in Indianapolis. During those two days reality began to set in for eight of us, who are the new recruits that God has called to the mission field.

During Launch I learned more about the four strategies used by CMF to reach people for the Lord. These strategies include:
  • Church planting - the  main strategy in Turkana, Kenya where I will be going
  • Globalscope - international campus ministry
  • Urban poor - work in slums and urban centers in many countries including Kenya
  • Marketplace ministry - used in closed access countries
We are a diverse group of new recruits and there is at least one of us representing each of the strategy areas listed above. It was great to learn more about CMF and the other strategies and to meet many of the staff at the Indianapolis office.


We spent time talking to our area directors and the mobilization team to learn about training we needed to complete and books we should read and study before leaving for the field. We received our budgets and learned about support raising. We discussed our different personality types and how knowing this can help us interact with our teams on the field in positive ways. We practiced our presentations that we will make to churches and mission boards when raising support. We got our pictures taken for our support materials and spoke with the communications team about those materials. This list is not even inclusive, but you get the picture that we were very busy. The great thing was that the Lord was present with us and we know He will always be there along every step of the journey.

The thing that impressed me the most about this training was that I was able to see the "fellowship" that truly exists among the CMF staff and missionaries. I know this is the "right fit" for me. I am so excited to be a part of God's plan. 

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